Alexander pianos - piano tuning, sales and repairs

Kia ora, Welcome 

Adrian Alexander Mann founded Alexander pianos after building the Alexander piano, the longest grand piano in the world. After its completion Adrian naturally went into restoring pianos providing piano tuning, piano restoration and some piano moving services. Alexander pianos started in a small garage in Timaru. Now Alexander pianos has a main workshop and showroom in central Dunedin housing pianos for sale as well as the famous Alexander piano.

Pianos are Adrian's passion and he has made everything from the front sign and custom tail lift trailer to the variable speed string winding lathe used in major restoration. Pianos that have left the shop have gone all over NZ and some have even gone as far as China.

Adrian travels to people’s houses in and out of town to tune pianos and do repairs. While many pianos are regulars there are some pianos that have been neglected for as long as 30 years. Some are able to be bought up to pitch, some however are not even able to be tuned.

Clients of Adrian's include many piano teachers in Timaru and Dunedin. The Dunedin shop is used to host talks, gigs, soirees and concerts and sometimes just a chill out spot for friends. Adrian has held concerts on the Alexander piano with local and international pianists including the famous Michael Houstoun. Tourists come into the shop often to see the Alexander Piano as many of them have seen an article about it in their own country. Donations for the maintenance of the piano are gratefully accepted.

Booklets about the construction of the Alexander Piano have been sent all over the world and can be purchased here.

Adrian also has professional recording equipment and many well known musicians have been recorded on or singing with the Alexander piano.