Piano Hire

Introducing the 7 foot 8 Rud. Ibach semi concert grand built in 1885. This piano has been meticulously re built and also modified/ upgraded. The tone and touch of this particular Ibach piano is exceptional! Part of the secret of the tone lies in the highest quality Bechstein hammers.

Ibach named this model of their concert grand pianos after the famous composer Richard Wagner who loved the Ibach piano.

Musicians choose this piano because of the clarity, power and warm and colorful tone.

Before the piano was even made available for hire musicians discovered, recorded and performed on the Ibach even though the case and polishing was not completed. That is the last job to be done.

Please see below for some videos of the piano, be sure to use good quality headphones when listening.

Tom McGrath plays Paul Schramm, Jonny Dyas plays his own improvisation and the last video is me playing New Work State of Mind.

Verdi Upright Grand

The wonderful Verdi upright has already been used for events around town. The piano was Made around 1912 in Germany. The clear strong tone makes it a good choice where the space is smaller but sound needs to be good.