Pianos for Sale

Click on the photo to see videos and more photos of the piano. 

Recordings are made with High quality Rode microphones so be sure to use headphones or a good sound system to listen with.

Pianos are located in Dunedin showroom and Timaru Showroom.

Walter Collinson,  Dunedin SOLD

Bentley, Dunedin,  SOLD

A wee Bentley to learn on! these pianos always fit into the home well. it is in tune and up to pitch, all the keys are working properly and the piano is mechanically sound. I have delivery options available! fun fact! I have polished two Bentley pianos exactly the same model as this one in gloss red. one went to the Geraldine academy of performance and arts and is used as their main performing piano and the other one I hire out or go busking with!


Marshall and rose, Timaru


A premium upright that has been extensively worked on. It is a rare gem and I am excited to be able to  work on such a lovely instrument. Marshall and Rose are considered to built the best pianos in England. This piano has a rich clear warm tone and is the kind of piano is the kind of piano a professional pianist will buy if space is limited. I wish they still made pianos like This!

Several professional recordings have been made on this piano with 3 different pianists so you can get the best idea of sound. Please use a good sound system or headphones to listen with, and as always come in and try it for yourself.

Click on the photo to hear the sound of this piano and see more photos. Click here to inquire about this piano.

1988 Otto Bach Dunedin, Sold


1954 Broadwood and Sons,


Pianos for sale, piano tuning

Pianos for sale, piano tuning

Yamaha P116,Sold


I have built a tail lift trailer that can carry 5 upright pianos, so moving a piano to you is no problem. I need to know how many steps or stairs there are. As my piano prices are very reasonable, basic charge for delivery starts at $150.00 and may cost more depending on difficulty.

Pickups are welcome but at owners risk.

piano moving