Donate, Alexander piano 2


It has been playing on my mind now for quite some time.

Having built the first Alexander piano when I was 20 was the biggest and most growing experience I have ever had and in the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to make another one and to develop the idea. There are many unique engineering developments in the first Alexander piano such as the aluminium clad keys, enormous soundboard and no copper wound strings.


Feedback from all the pianists that have ever seen it has been positive. Some go on to tell me I must build another and push the construction and sound development to the limits.


I will be starting from scratch again and developing the string scale, soundboard layout, and the dimension of the case.


A few years back I was lucky enough to meet Ron Overs at Overs pianos in Sydney.  After experiencing his pianos at the Sydney conservatorium and playing on them I quickly made up my mind that his pianos are the best pianos I have ever seen, played or heard. Since then nothing has come close.


Spending 3 days with Ron we discussed in depth soundboard design, scale calculation, glue and lots and lots about our ideas with pianos. He inspired me to make another piano!


So the time has come to plan ahead and begin!




I’m now welcoming any donations toward the building of the Alexander piano Number 2!  There has been a lot of international interest and positive emails from all over the world.  Please join me in developing the tonal and constructional limits of the beloved instrument;  the piano.

There are 6000 parts in the piano action and more in the entire piano. I would like to map the entire piano and every piece can be sold. Every $10.00 will donate a part to the piano from a centre pin bushing to a lid and everything in-between!


Donations can be made below and every name will go on the list of parts!

Donations can be as small or large as you like.

All funds will go towards the building of my second piano the Adrian Alexander Mann piano.